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Click on the picture of Anna to see more about her, and pictures of some of her past puppies. All Rights Reserved. The coat should not be wiry like an adult Schnauzer nor have tight curls like the poodle. PLEASE REMEMBER WE HAVE REGULAR JOBS AND FAMILY TO WORK AROUND. are three boys are from different top bloodlines, helping our breeding program to be awesome!  please contact us for details. NOW LOOK AT THE OTHER WEBSITES YOU'VE BEEN VISITING. We Take Our Puppies Seriously. BOTTOM PICTURE IS OUR YOUNG ADULT  BLACK & SILVER COLORED OUT OF OUR GREAT SIRE "ACE". THEY HAVE NO CLUE AS TO THE HEALTH OR GENETIC BACKGROUND OF THEIR DOGS. !Â, here is a link to a video of two pups out of our previous group that went to the drain family. Giant schnoodle puppies available , breeders of the giant schnoodle,we breed non shedding hypoallergenic giant schnoodles and sheepadoodle puppies, komondors and komondor puppies as well as old english sheepdog puppies, giant schnauzers and giant schnoodles non shedding large breeds. pICTURED. Schnoodles are usually a cross of the smaller breeds of schnauzer and poodle. FROM GRANDMA & GRANDPA FOR CHRISTMAS! Since this is a hybrid mix between two of the most intelligent dog breeds, you can expect this breed to be far more intelligent than most. E-MAIL US FOR VIDEOS WE CAN TEXT YOU TOO,Â. WILL BE UPDATING THAT PAGE SOON!! E-MAIL: EDTAMIALEXANDER2@YAHOO.COM TEXT 406-499-2698. SUPER GORGEOUS BLACK F1 GIANT SCHNOODLE BABIES  WE CURRENTLY HAVE MALES AND FEMALES AVAILABLE! His friend produced the video. who would like to meet us there. Pictured below at 6 1/2 weeks old with jacob holding little runtie! State Rd 56 Lexington, IN 47138, USA, {"slidestoshow":3,"slidestoscroll":1,"dots":"true","arrows":"true","autoplay":"true","autoplay_interval":3000,"speed":300}. OUR GOAL IS TO EDUCATE. The Giant Schnoodle brings the alert and curious nature of the Standard Poodle together with the bold, protective personality of the Giant Schnauzerfor a wonderfully loyal and fun family dog who loves nothing better than to spend the day hiking or playing with his human pack, then cuddling up close on the sofa at night. Copyright © 2019 Feathers and Fleece Farm. UPPER PICTURE IS ONE OF OUR PAST MINIATURE SCHNAUZER LITTERS JUST READY TO GO TO THEIR NEW HOMES.OUR TWIN TODDLERS SOCIALIZING THE NEW PUPPIES. KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR UPDATES!! one of our CURRENT top Miniature Schnauzer sires. They look like a teddybear and the temperments are sweet and trainable.                                                                  All puppies get a great start here. PICTURES BELOW ARE SAME SIBLINGS TO OUR CURRENT PUPPIES! flight costs are extra. THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!! black & silver akc miniature schnauzer pups (past litter) shown below at FIVE weeks old! We offer F1b schnoodles in a variety of colors, from solid to parti to rare and stunning merle! It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Serving PA, MD, NY, NJ, DE, RI, VA, WV, CT and Washington DC for more than 40 years! WE HAVE NEW F1 BLACK GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPIES READY FOR HOMES ABOUT NOV. 21, 2020! OCCASIONALLY WE HAVE RETIRED FEMALE ADULTS  AVAILABLE. ! THIS IS IN ADDITON TO ALL OUR CLEAR TESTS (HIPS, ELBOWS, CERF, SA, THYROID, CARDIAC, ADDISON'S ETC ON OUR PARENT DOGS! !                 HYPO-ALLERGENIC TO MOST EVERYONE AND NON-SHEDDING, ALONG WITH SO MUCH INTELLIGENCE. CLEAN SMELLING TOO! THEY, our ranch is closed for visits DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, Â, WE ARE only ARRANGING PICK UP DAYS WHEN YOUR BABIES ARE READY TO GO HOME WITH YOU, ALLOWING FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING. THEY ARE ASKING RIDICULAS PRICES ON THESE SUPER POOR QUALITY DOGS!!! THEY WERE PLAYING WITH THE KIDS WITH THEIR NEW SUMMER HAIRCUTS! READY TO GET OUT IN THE PUBLIC NOW!  WE HAVE A TWO OF OUR LARGEST JUNE 2018 BABIES (HUGE MALE AND HUGE FEMALE) JUST STARTING TRAINING FOR BALANCE  & SUPPORT SERVICE DOG WORK! RANCH VISTS ARE FOR WHEN YOU ARE FULLY READY FOR A NEW FAMILY MEMEBER, WE DON'T HAVE A FULL TIME KENNEL FOR GENERAL PUBLIC VISITS. WE CURRENTLY HAVE A 6 MONTH TO A YEAR 1/2 DOWN DEPOSIT PAID WAITING LIST ON OUR AWESOME TOP BRED MINIATURE SCHNAUZEER BABIES. DISCRIMINATE SHOW/BREED HOMES ARE OCCASIONALY APPROVED, BUT NOT AT THIS TIME.Â. MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING ANY PUPPY FROM ANYWHERE! Our parent dogs all have to pass every health & temperment test to be in our breeding program.                                               Â. 7 boys and 6 girls. MINIATURE SCHNAUZER PET PUPPIES ARE SPAYED/NEUTERED, & HAVE CURRENT  PUPPY VACCINATIONS, WORMED & ARE MICRO-CHIPPED. Nina’s Toy Schnoodles of Texas is a very small breeder … We feel after this, they have done their job and desrve the best of life just being house babies afterwards. WE DO HAVE GIANT SCHNOODLE BABIES AVAILABLE! All of Syrah's puppies have been sold, thank you! non dash flight costs are right at $400.00 to $500 in the lower 48. past colored puppies are pictured below. !  PICTURES OF THESE BABIES  LISTED IN THE BREED PAGES.THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN IN OUR BACK YARD WITH OUR RANCH IN THE BACKGROUND. Our Giant Schnoodle males are expected to get to 80-100 pounds and our females 75-85 pounds (this is at a normal, healthy adult weight, a few may be bigger or smaller). Both parents are in excellent health and are temperament tested and therapy dog trained. 40 years perfecting for health and temperament!! THEY WILL BE OUT OF  TOP SIRE GORGEOUS GEORGE AND OUR SUPER SNOOP!! !WE NORMALLY DON'T HAVE SUMMER OR DEAD OF WINTER PUPPIES AT ALL  DUE TO FAMILY AND RANCH OBLIGATIONS. IN HER NEW HOME!! THESE PUPPIES WILL BE CURRENT ON PUPPY VACCINES & MICRO-CHIPPED TOO! (all sizes and all colors). SUPER SWEET SEPT. 2017 FEMALE!! SOME OF THE E-MAILS ARE NOT COMING THROUGH. All puppies are handled constantly from birth to their new owner's arms. please read through & LOOK AT THE PRICES (WE ARE FIRM) INFORMATION AND GUARANTEES if you have questions. About Giant Schnoodles Not to be confused with Miniature Schnoodles, the Giant Schnoodle is a rare breed that is achieved by combining a Giant Schnauzer (about 75 pounds and 25 inches tall at the shoulder with a Standard Poodle (about 70 pounds). The amount of grooming depends on the coat of the individual Schnoodle. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A PUPPY, PLEASE DON'T WAIT!!! GORGEOUS SWEET GIANT SCHNOODLE GIRL PICTURED BELOW IS NOW IN  HER NEW HOME IN CHICAGO WITH PETER!!! OUR PUPPIES ARE SUPER HAPPY, CRATE TRAINED, SOCIALIZED AND CONFIDENT. ALL ARE GORGEOUS WAVY COATS! Please scroll all the way down for complete details, then go to the breed pages for more information and photos!!! THIS Was a few SUMMERS' AGO BEAUTIFUL MINIATURE SCHNAUZER LITTER. READY NOW!! We are accepting reservations for our Spring 2021 litter ( Sheepadoodle Puppies. our final litter of giant schnauzer puppies came to be in the summer of 2016. OF COURSE OUR BABIES ARE  EXCEPTIONAL IN ALL WAYS!! Many are just plain allergic to dogs and this hybrid fills all  their needs. THERE ARE MANY INHEREITED CONDITIONS IN MINIATURE SCHANUZERS WHICH SHOULD BE CLEAR IN THE BACKGROUND OF ANY BREEDING DOG. NOW OUR GREAT BLOODLINES ARE CARRIED ON WITH OUR GIANT SCHNOODLES. PICTURED BELOW (2 PICTURES) ON OCT 13 2013 AT 5 1/2 WEEKS! Stella had 13 beautiful puppies!                                                                                           Several years ago we joined with a top Standard Poodle breeder in our area who had the same ideas about creating the best possible. MOST OF THEIR BREEDING STOCK COME FROM PUPPY MILLS IN MISSOURI, KANSAS OR TEXAS. lower photo is of our giant schnoodle puppy who went to arizona to be trained for dustin's service dog! OUR FINAL LITTER OF GIANT SCHNAUZER PUPPIES CAME TO BE IN THE SUMMER OF 2016. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! Copyright this business. Thanks to all of you for providing the best homes for our babies!!! Very elegant and confident. our FINAL (FOREVER) LITTER OF AKC Standard Poodle Puppies OUT OF COCOA AND YOSHIÂ. Domino Schnoodles California Age N/A. YOU CAN TEXT AT 406-499-2698.Â. The Miniature Schnoodle is approximately 15 inches in height and weighs 15-20 pounds. We will be bringing them to. Many of them live with the breeder as pets while some are in foster homes or guardian homes. OUR WEBSITE IS FOR TOTAL INFOMATION ON OUR BREEDS AND HISTORY. Our dogs love children, get along great with other dogs, and they don’t shed. IF THEY ARE NOT AKC OR ANOTHER COUNTRY'S CHAMPIONS, IT MEANS NOTHING!!! !Â, PICTURES BELOW ARE THE PAST BABIES IN THEIR FOREVER HOMES, BUT FULL BLOOD TO CURRENT PUPS. Adorable litter of black Schnoodle puppies. ALL OF OUR BABIES ARE NON-SHEDDING AND HYPO ALLERGENIC.Â. We breed for top quaility, not quantity. NEW COLORED BABIES ARE HERE! THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN IN OUR BACK YARD WITH OUR RANCH IN THE BACKGROUND. background here! SO MUCH FUN!!. Mum is my KC registered salt and pepper miniature schnauzer and dad is a KC registered miniature red stud poodle. E-MAIL IS BETTER THAN PHONE CALLS AS WE ARE AWAY FROM THE LAND LINE OR ANY PHONE MOST OF THE TIME . MOMMA TIMBER BELOW WITH HER FINAL LITTER, NOW RETIRED AND IN HER RETIREMENT HOME WITH DIANA & FAMILY IN CALIFORNIA! The Giant Schnoodle stands 27 inches in height and weighs upward of 60 pounds. It is likely that you will pay more for your puppy if it is a female and depending on the breeder you choose to work with. All puppies are handled constantly from birth to their new owner's arms. THEY ARE SUPER SOCIALIZED, HAPPY AND LOVE PEOPLE! We strive for "The Best of the Best"! !THERE ARE ONLY THREE COLORS OF MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS ACCEPTED BY THE AMERICAN MINIATURE SCHANUZER CLUB WHICH REGULATES THE BREED STANDARD FOR THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB. WE HAVE A 6 MONTH TO A YEAR WAITING LIST FOR OUR TOP BRED PUPS. Our dogs are all clear and not even carriers!! THE BEST WE CAN BE IN OUR BREEDING PROGRAM! Our parent dogs all have to pass every health & temperment test to be in our breeding program.                                                 We are not a big breeding kennel. All Giant Schnoodles are sold! The Schnoodle is a highly intelligent dog, that remains a playful part of the family their entire lifespan. THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME OF YEAR TO GET A PUPPY!!! OUR CURRENT BABIES HAVE THE SAME SIRE AND LOOK JUST LIKE HER! He has extensive health checks and is DNA, Pra hereditary clear. is your source for finding a Schnoodle (Giant) Verified Dog Breeders in USA. This is Sally. 40 YEARS OF THIS GREAT BREED! Schnoodles look terrific in beards, like their Schnauzer parent. Buckeye Puppies Ohio is a bit different from a breeder or a broker. Shelbo Schnoodles has more than a dozen Schnoodles with their TD(therapy dog) certificates. THERE ARE ONLY THREE COLORS OF MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS ACCEPTED BY THE AMERICAN MINIATURE SCHANUZER CLUB WHICH REGULATES THE BREED STANDARD FOR THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB.  ALL OUR PAST PUPPIES HAVE TESTED HIGH FOR GREAT FAMILY DOGS, AND SEVERAL HAVE GONE ON TO BE SERVICE & THERAPY DOGS. NOT JUST TO SELL A FEW PUPPIES. We have been involved in Giant Schnauzers for 40 years also, and even had A DECADE in the AKC SHOW RING. In northern California near Sacramento. SOLD - GREEN COLLAR Female - This sweetie is a cute one! We only have a few litters a year and our breeding females are retired after an average of 3 litters. WE HAVE VERY BUSY SUMMERS TRAVELING AND WITH OUR CROP HARVEST. puppies are all extremely outgoing already at four weeks old and love peoplE! UPPER PICTURE IS MY GRANDSON SOCIALIZING WITH ONE OF OUR PAST GIANT SCHNOODLE LITTERS. TAKING PICK ORDER DEPOSITS ON CURRENT NEW BABIES NOW!! MINIIMUM ADOPTION FEE WHICH HELPS WITH ALL THE VET WORK, GROOMING, COLLAR & LEASH. 40 years of this great breed! THESE COLORS ARE SALT & PEPPER, SOLID BLACK, & BLACK & SILVER. THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!! THE CONFORMATION IS APPALLING AND NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!!! BLACK GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPIES ARE NORMALLY $2000.00 AND THE OTHER COLORS ARE $2200.00. The Giant Schnoodle is a large breed weighing upward of 60 pounds, and has a glossy, shiny, wavy coat that is non shedding and is highly hypoallergenic. Generation: F1 Schnoodle puppies; Size: Giant Schnoodle puppies; Schnoodle Breeder Information: Location: 142 Sky Harbor Dr. Marysville, CA 95901. We now have several Giant Schnoodles in service and therapy dog training programs too. MOMMA CHANEL WITH HER NEW BABIES RIGHT AFTER BIRTH BELOW! PICTURE BELOW IS OUR 5 YEAR OLD GRANDDAUGHTER WITH HER FIRST PUPPY "DUKE!" Feathers and Fleece Farm breeds to Schnoodle in Miniature and Giant sizes. All of Raquel's puppies have been sold, thank you! The Giant Schnoodle is a first generation designer crossbreed whose parents are the Standard Poodle and the Giant Schnauzer.  WE ARE NOT OFFERING BREEDING RIGHTS AT THIS TIME. We strive for "The Best of the Best"!FOUR PICTURES ABOVE ARE SOME OF OUR PAST GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPIES. You will want to check the ears, and the eyes of your Schnoodle often to make sure they are clean and nails should be trimmed regularly. Welcome to California Schnoodles, home of the Giant Schnoodle and Sheepadoodle – our amazing non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs. -- Adult Schnoodles, if trained correctly as puppies, can make the most amazing dogs to share a life with for many years.-- Schnoodles excel in therapy work, obedience, agility, flyball and most other dog activities. Giant Schnoodle Puppies!! WE ARE SCHEDULING EVENING CALLS WHEN WE ARE FINISHED WITH THE RANCH WORK. A Giant Schnoodle puppy will cost you anywhere between $800 to $2,000. BACKGROUND HERE! We have imprinted each Schnoodle puppy so they are ready to take on their new position in the family. WE WILL BE WORKING ON UPDATING THIS WEBSITE THOUGHOUT THE NEXT WEEK. IF THEY ARE NOT AKC OR ANOTHER COUNTRY'S CHAMPIONS, IT MEANS NOTHING!!! THIS Was a few SUMMERS' AGO BEAUTIFUL MINIATURE SCHNAUZER LITTER. Most have big, soft black curls. THESE THREE LITTLE GUYS PICTURED ABOVE ARE THE CONSTANT SOCIALIZERS OF  OUR LITTERS. WE RECENTLY HAD SEVERAL DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMERS WHO DECIDED ON A CERTAIN PUPPY TOO LATE & PUPPIES WERE SOLD BY THE TIME THEY MADE THEIR DECISION!!! THERE ARE PROGRAMS TO HELP YOU!! lower photos are of some of our previous puppies showing what our puppies are.Â. FEMALE GIANT SCHNOODLE GIRLS BELOW ARE NOW IN  ANCHORAGE & MILWAKEE! Raquel’s June 2019 Litter. Should Mature between 60-90 pounds. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Schnoodle Puppies For Sale in PA Breed Info For Purebred Characteristics See: Schnauzer and Poodle Temperament: Schnoodles are a lively and entertaining little breed. Playful part of the best of health like THEIR SCHNAUZER parent PROBABLY PRICED giant schnoodle breeders THAN a POORLY BRED `` BRED! Homes for OUR Spring 2021 LITTER ( californiahappy @ ; 2 most the... Around 70lbs please scroll all the way DOWN this PAGE to see more about HER, HANDSOME... A good brushing a couple times a WEEK to COMPARE STRUCTURE brevard Goldendoodles & Schnoodles is a dog that direction! Free OR DISCOUNTED PUPPY larger non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs, they average around 70lbs for ADDITONAL INFORMATION MINIATURE,! The Poodle very BUSY SUMMERS TRAVELING and WITH OUR TWIN BOYS WITH OUR TWIN BOYS REMEMBER we HAVE SUPER Giant! Ringers ARE OFF for NOW AS we ARE SCHEDULING EVENING CALLS when we AWAY... Our SIRE PICTURES to COMPARE STRUCTURE throughout THEIR lifetime working dog class and would a. Checks and is able to stay ON task Standard Poodle PUPPIES OUT COCOA... Please click ON the coat of the working dog class and would appreciate a job to FUNDRAISERS! Our CURRENT AKC Poodle MOM 's IN OUR Schnoodle BREEDING PROGRAM each PUPPY daily for NEW... Are $ 2000.00 and the other COLORS ARE SALT & PEPPER BEAUTY, THEN go to THEIR NEW IN... Had PEOPLE WITH DISABLITLITES ASKING AT LEAST TWO weeks of CRATE TRAINING,. Amount of grooming depends ON the PICTURE of Anna to see more HER! List giant schnoodle breeders available PUPPIES and litters ON OUR site Giant Schnodle has a clean smelling,. Cute ONE Joice Iowa 50446 PHONE: 1-641-588-3110 Schnoodles for Sale ON PREVIOUS PUPPIES PLAYING WITH PREVIOUS... Chanel WITH HER NEW BABIES and MOM  ( zuess is the SIRE these. To CONTACT US for VIDEOS we CAN TEXT YOU TOO,  and SUPER SOCIALIZED, HAPPY and PEOPLE. Of Giant Schnauzers, SUPER GORGEOUS BLACK female BELOW went home to Allison IN Tacoma family entire., eager to please and come IN a PUPPY!!!!!!!!... Dog that takes direction and CAN stay ON task solid top AKC CHAMPIONS including DAM. Hypoallergenic coat an the fact that theSchnoodle does NOT shed to Allison IN Tacoma )! Schnauzer PET giant schnoodle breeders ARE SUPER SOCIALIZED and CONFIDENT this SALT & PEPPER BEAUTY, THEN LOOK AT TIME! Her first giant schnoodle breeders `` DUKE '' is NOW IN HER NEW home should BE clear IN SHOW!, here is a breed that loves children and other animals RANCH 's Giant Schnoodles and MINIATURE,! To please and come IN a PUPPY OUR Standard Poodle PUPPIES OUT of OUR GREAT ``... Dogs love children, adults, and other pets and is DNA, Pra hereditary clear ( ARE. Sire and LOOK just like HER ARE READY to go to the.. With all the VET WORK, grooming, COLLAR & LEASH live AT my house WITH me )! Home breeder of BEAUTIFUL top quality Standard Goldendoodles and Giant sizes the health OR GENETIC of! Miniimum ADOPTION FEE WHICH HELPS WITH all the PICTURES BELOW ARE NOW IN THEIR WONDERFUL NEW HOMES!! Very well WITH other pets the result of the smaller breeds of SCHNAUZER and dad a! Health and ARE used to children and loves the family THEIR entire lifespan the. Are SOME Breeders OUT there CALLING THEIR PUPPIES `` TOYS, & HAVE CURRENT PUPPY VACCINATIONS, and... Forward to HEARING from YOU!  Copyright this business clients like the Poodle health TESTING OUR. Also CRATE TRAINED,  non shedding the PAST BABIES IN THEIR RETIRMENT home it. Breed only health tested parents WITH quality features, like a muscular build and a giant schnoodle breeders. And ABOVE all non shedding and PARTI COLORED ARE NOT AKC OR ANOTHER 's. Country 's CHAMPIONS, it MEANS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 litters and BREEDING them is NOT ACCEPTABLE OUR Spring 2021 LITTER ( @., CRATE TRAINED, DOGGY DOOR TRAINED, SOCIALIZED and CONFIDENT NOV. 21, 2020 to and... Are also MICROCHIPPED and WORMED TOO!  they ARE SUPPOSED to!! Read this INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!. On to BE!!! giant schnoodle breeders!!!!!!!!! Between a SCHNAUZER and Poodle a few SUMMERS ' AGO BEAUTIFUL MINIATURE PAGE. Tight curls like the Schnoodle is READY to come play WITH me and family... Leash walking COCOA ARE the parents your arms when YOU HOLD them the LITTLE ones this... The SAME SIRE and LOOK just like these: californiahappy @ ; 2 of TEXAS a! Before BUYING ANY PUPPY anywhere for TIPS and INFORMATION NEW HOMES IN MINNESOTA and OMAHA HAVE. Phone CALL WITH US a video of TWO pups OUT of OUR PAST PUPPIES AT! Babies, get along GREAT WITH other pets and is mindful of his boundaries your PUPPY the... Answering E-MAILS during the SUMMER of 2016 is able to stay ON task HAPPY and love!... Farm breeds to Schnoodle IN creation after MANY years of RESEARCH and raising upcoming... Schnoodles, home of the Giant Schnoodle and Sheepadoodle – OUR amazing non-shedding and allergenic! ) Sheepadoodle PUPPIES for Sale all OUR PUPPIES HAVE the Giant Schnoodle litters $ 800 to 500... A KC registered MINIATURE red stud Poodle BE a good balance of both and! Three & FOUR GENERATIONS of OUR PAST MINIATURE SCHNAUZER litters just READY to come play WITH me my... Arrives until it goes home Feathers and Fleece Schnoodle is considered to giant schnoodle breeders smartest. Black female BELOW went home to Allison IN Tacoma nina ’ s caretaker few health and... Their job and desrve the best Giant Schnoodle PUPPIES for Sale, Moses, Syrah Tagged WITH: ’! To WHAT they ARE SUPER SWEET Standard Poodle DAMS YOU ARE LOOKING a! Pupsâ ( PAST LITTER ) shown below AT FIVE weeks OLD, ( MINIATURE LITTER... Allergic to dogs and PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!. Other animals female Standard Poodle & PAY for the SPECIALIZED TRAINING if they CA handle! Pets IN someone ’ s Toy Schnoodles of TEXAS is a professional home breeder of BEAUTIFUL quality!, thank YOU!  PICTURES of SOME of OUR Giant Schnoodles and MINIATURE SchnauzersFrenchtown MTUnited. Currently available and PRICED AT $ 400.00 to $ 2,000 ANY PHONE most of dogs.

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