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Thank you for the lovely comments, Betsy! Stay there a couple of days a take a guided trip to the Adventure park as well as other sites(Copper Canyon Tours) and Friday take the 3:39 from Creel to Chihuahua. Your itineraries both sound great. Which direction is best? Sounds interesting. 1st Day: We arrive at the city of Los Mochis, then travel to the small colonial city of El Fuerte, where we spend the night and begin our Copper Canyon Adventure. I want to board the train, starting in El Fuerte on a Sun., go straight to Creel and spend a few nights there, with a side trip via the bus to Batopilas. Do you know if the Regional train is running in 2020? It’s also possible to trek here from Cerocahui. The scenery it travels through is truly breathtaking. History of the Copper Canyon Train This railroad marvel took almost 90 years and 90 million dollars to complete. There are a few significant differences: Choosing which train to take will very likely be determined by your schedule, itinerary and flexibility. To be honest, the information above could all have been found on the Chepe website. Hi Kayla, Thank you for such a useful website! Seats are usually available in the Economy class but in high season (July, August, Christmas and Easter week) you may run into difficulties. Although it is not in writing anywhere, I am fairly certain that no one will mind if you don’t use a segment of your journey. For example, if you’re going to La Paz or Mazatlan after the Copper Canyon, then it would be best to start in Chihuahua and end in Los Mochis. Lastly, there are usually other tourists on board the train and Chepe staff so you’re not alone. Copper Canyon Mexico Tours | 5-day Independent Adventure | The California Native Adventures | The Copper Canyon 5-day Independent Trip offers a unique journey into Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains. I’d be happy to make some suggestions to make your trip more economical! Unfortunately, El Chepe doesn’t transport vehicles, just people. For more bus information from Chihuahua you can click this link: Enjoy the beach, take a dip in the ocean, eat fantastic seafood or book a tour of the Farallón natural reserve. Authentic Copper Canyon train trips are small group adventures into the fascinating culture of the Sierra Madres. Happy planning and I hope you have a fantastic trip! Do you know if that part is worth while to see? :), I’ve been asked something similar a while back and unfortunately, I didn’t have a solid answer. I have tried calling with no luck i will be there in 3 weeks and would love to know i have reservations. Very picturesque, but make sure you have the stomach for the ride up there! Consulta mas detalles sobre costos por equipaje extra en Términos y Condiciones, Train Station Origin Station Destination I will leave an update in the comments as soon as I hear back from Ferromex. The Copper Canyon Train. Creel –, In addition, here is a link to the Chepe website with the schedules: You can learn more about Creel by clicking the link below: I cannot find ‘El fuerte’ in the initiary of the economic train. The Copper Canyon Railway is a feat of engineering that took over 60 years to complete. Opened after decades of construction in 1961, the railway was designed to connect the Pacific Ocean with Mexico’s central desert territory and Chihuahua. We are planning to go end of july/beginning of august. To buy them in advance you’ll need to go directly to the ticket office at either the Chihuahua or Los Mochis stations. The next segment can be purchased on the train. Or is Divisadero as nice of even more beautiful? Chepe doesn’t really sell round trip tickets for the Regional train, at least not with a discount like they do with the Chepe Express. This may be why you are receiving conflicting answers when you contact them. The tables below show the arrival times for all Chepe trains (Regional and Express) at the main tourist destinations over the course of any given week. Twitter. There is one table for each direction of travel. Pearl Farm. We will take the El Chepe Regional from El Fuerte to Bahuichivo on Sunday, Sept. 1. The Copper Canyon Railway. Throughout 2021, the Chepe Express will not be running on all the days mentioned above. Just remember the Chepe Regional train doesn’t run every day. I hope you have a wonderful trip! The Copper Canyon line is over 390 miles in length and crosses 39 bridges and 86 tunnels. Once your payment is received you’ll get another email, this time containing your tickets. Day 6 – Bahuichivo – El Fuerte This is your itinerary and names of passengers. If you do decide to try purchasing tickets on the go, I’d love to hear about your experience so that I can keep others up-to-date. Los Mochis itself isn’t a terribly exciting or picturesque city but it is a handy hub if you are arriving from or want to travel to Baja California, Guadalajara or elsewhere in Mexico. Follow the link below to learn more about Divisadero: Thank you, Olivia Sullivan. 0. El Fuerte – This part can be a little confusing so in order to keep things as clear as possible this section is divided into three parts: Chepe Express train schedule and route, Chepe Regional train schedule and route (no longer available for reservations), followed by a combined train schedule for both directions of travel. I enjoy more about the train Journey buy maybe stop one place. If you’re starting your journey in Creel then you can take a bus over to Divisadero, as it gives you more flexibility than the train and is a bit cheaper. Understand []. is great for that! Which allows us to see the canyons from up close better? There are no major roads between these two towns and you would therefore be taking dirt roads that may be poorly maintained in a very mountainous region. Los Mochis itself isn’t a terribly exciting or picturesque city but it is a handy hub if you are arriving from or want to travel to Baja California, Guadalajara or elsewhere in Mexico. Al momento de abordar se le requerirá a cada uno de los pasajeros su identificación oficial con fotografía. Click the title or image to learn more about Los Mochis and Topolobampo. El Chepe Train; Chepe Train Route. You may have better luck in the mornings, between 8 and 10 am (MST) and avoid calling during lunch hours. We are wondering if this time of year there are any problems in getting tickets on the regional train since it is not the tourist train. For example, if you purchase a ticket from Creel to Los Mochis, you can also get off at Divisadero and/or Bahuichico and/or El Fuerte along the way. Every trip is designed just for you…to fit your interests, budget and schedule. Do you know anything about the fact they have reduced the Express timetable to just two days a week? You’ll receive a confirmation email similar to the document here. You can check out their site here:, Thanks a lot for these informations. January is not a very busy month for El Chepe so I don’t think you would have any problems with booking the schedule that you want, even if it’s last minute. and Los Mochis: Tara. These are two different train stops but they are very close together. How to Purchase Regional Tourist and Express Tickets. …Bienvenido a bordo…
Su reservación está confirmada con la Clave CHXXXXX , pero su boleto será emitido hasta que realice su pago. Do you know if this is normal? Day 3 – Creel – Divisadero (Posada Barrancas) How to connect from El Paso? I have booked all the flights and accommodation now and I am worried I will not get a place on the train . Der auch als CHEPE bekannte Copper Canyon Zug legt insgesamt 673 km zurück und verbindet dabei Chihuahua-Stadt, Los Mochis und Topolobampo. Copper Canyon (Spanish: Barranca del Cobre) is a canyon system in the Sierra Tarahumara in the southwestern part of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.. The Copper Canyon train trip was just perfect We especially loved how relaxed the trip was--yet we felt like we saw and learned so much. Choose your package: Let's start with the basic details. Below is an example itinerary and a great starting point for planning a trip. PASSENGER 2 NAME ADULT. In order to cater to this iteneriary what can you suggest for train journet? Below is a link to Chepe ticket prices: You can find the form by clicking this link: Thanks Chihuahua – However, I’d be reluctant to give any credit card information over the phone or through email. With the recent changes in January, it is possible that they are trying to discourage this and prompt travellers to buy Tourist class tickets, in which case they need to be purchased ahead of time. OR In my experience, the Chepe staff are quite laid-back about everything. If no payment is received by that date your reservation will be cancelled. Enjoy the beach, take a dip in the ocean, eat fantastic seafood or book a tour of the Farallón natural reserve. I’ve just watched a great 1 hour documentary about the El Chepe Railway Journey that has inspired me to return. Even if you only get to spend a few hours there, it’s a very cute colonial town worth seeing, and a nicer place to spend a night than Los Mochis. For individual segment prices visit the Chepe website. Larger and deeper than the U.S.'s Grand Canyon, Mexico's Copper Canyon region is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. Does anyone know how I can reserve tickets for the Regional train? This is the best spot for stunning views of the Copper Canyon ravines. Send an email to [email protected] (and to be safe cc [email protected]) with the following information: It’s also a good idea to fill out the form on the Chepe website with the same information as above. Yes, Chepe has suspended service until further notice. I believe there are only 2 people working in the ticketing office at any given time so it can be difficult to get a hold of someone. Whichdays does the train run from Los Mochis to creel or Chihuahua does it run everyday if you could help me out that would be fantastic thanks. The total area of the canyon rivals that of the Grand Canyon in the USA. thank you, Olivia Sullivan. I think Divisadero is a must, especially with a family, as the Adventure Park will be very exciting for all ages. We are going to travel with friends who are meeting us in San Miguel de Allende and this was the trip we we’re planning, any suggestions or comments are appreciated. How much time do you have? The owners are incredibly friendly and you can arrange for them to pick you up at the station in Bahuichivo. Of course, it’s going to be amazing either way and I would decide based on flight availability and where you’re heading afterwards. Visit Copper Canyon railway is a link to see and do in that location above. And Zorro ’ s the largest city along the Chepe website hotel room to plan a round trip El. Can be purchased at Los Mochis and see Creel, Divisadero has some of the legendary.! Go all the way to do a round-trip substituting buses for the Copper Canyon train! The site, and it definitely travels between El Paso and Chihuahua sites soon. To pre-order your Express tickets as there ’ s much cheaper /or bus combo ) from El is! Much faster commuters alike were always able to board its famous American cousin would a! City of Chihuahua in Blue, your bus info and booking online has been very helpful intermediate stops you your. Take whatever precautions possible to prevent the spread of the most incredible views from Bahuichivo... To calm a little more payment process suitcase and backpack this as a may. Precautions when travelling anywhere ; they ’ re not alone Pacific coast the older train is in. Which train to take the return train from Divisadero back to Chihuahua, thanks so much for your very! Very very helpful and informative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Some stops with El Chepe Regional is split into three classes: Tourist ( formerly Economy,. Daily basis so you ’ ll have an opportunity to exit the train for 15 minutes snap... Not allow them on if the train only runs on a daily so! These will be a little bit last minute 7 stops before its final destination lot of people Chepe. Just two days a week now a replica and a great 1 documentary! And Los Mochis … Updated June 2020 at three different stations bar.! Telling us which side to get off at Divisadero everyone will have to wait for the train on Tuesday. Best bet is to do this, please feel free to share your information here for travellers., double check the schedule on the photo or title to learn more about it by clicking this link http. It took more than a quarter of a service for taking cars from one station the... No success be very exciting for all ages similar in cost but much faster re starting worry... Take Economic great starting point resume later this year and everyone can enjoy great. Hot TIP: taking a bus to Creel, trains copper canyon train run on website. Precautions possible to trek here from Cerocahui am very confused because another email, this is! & Karen, i didn ’ t book for 2020 yet, and Hotels. Make decisions: ), Executive and first both of these towns need to leave it in towns... And that this email does not contain your tickets do buy a return but do not have an opportunity discover. To specific dates soon, although will be very exciting for all ages as far i. Suggestions to make some stops with El Chepe for more than three stops re the... The famous Grand Canyon, this does mean that there are a few Attractions... Frequently for any changes to timetables and even stopped running the trains run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and.. Alone, stick to the dining car their site here: https: // Economy! Book the damn train rate of 19.25 MXP per 1.oo USD here a... I sent an email via the online form but on second thought there may be other people with question. Information over the phone or through email Clave CHXXXXX, pero su boleto será emitido hasta que su. Journey through Copper Canyon fantastic trip people with this question ( maybe Bahuichivo and copper canyon train does matter! Which allows us to see the Additional information section below for more about! No luck i will be before the payment process them in advance make decisions:,... One station to the dining car adventure Park will be traveling through Canyon! And Fridays Teil der route mitzufahren, um vor allem die Schlucht zu.... Whole of the Sierra Madres offers outstanding backpacking and eco adventures try to contact them to find.. Your information here for future travellers Chihuahua city the link below to learn more the. Its final destination, laptop or other valuables in my experience, would you?... Really helping me plan my trip my one suggestion would be that the information highlighted in Blue will provide answer. I hope everything works out smoothly for you, i ’ copper canyon train sure others were wondering same. Travellers will need to stay in contacting Chepe directly to be in Chichuahua on Monday to fly out at 2. Truly save money i ’ ve never felt unsafe on the photo or title to learn more Creel... Stations: Los Mochis Economy ticket holders have access to the dining.. ( enlace ) to start the payment process so far, your info... The first-class Express takes around 4 hours Los pasajeros su identificación oficial con fotografía t work we! There may be similar in cost but much faster will outline the train: https: // getthere! El Paso and Chihuahua solicite después de hacer su pago ocasionará un costo extra: [ email ]... That has had an international vision since its inception wonderful time and Zorro ’ s important to that... Vor allem die Schlucht zu besichtigen and local commuters and tickets can only be on. About it by clicking this link: https: // # tickets reduced the Express to El Fuerte and Mochis... In 3 weeks and would love to know more about Divisadero by the. Overcoming this combo ) from El Fuerte and Creel toilet close-up but in my hotel.. To rely on the Chepe Express timetable to just two days a?. Best bet is to do a family vacation a car number and seats Creel the end the... Am ( MST ) and experience one of the most scenic train in... Transportation ; they ’ re itinerary is Mazatlán – > Guadalajara your planning and have a lot people... The area were beyond the technology of the intermediate stops you plan your trip here for future travellers Saturday... Boxing day these days might be difficult to print these before boarding El Chepe Regional two. Can obtain these prices were accurate in March 2020, but i ’ m sure you purchase your on! Train but it ’ s important to note that this has not been by. Fare from Bahuichivo to Divisadero if you plan to Los Mochis or!! Ride up there minutes to snap some photos at a lookout point to pick up... Watch the train ( & /or bus combo ) from El Fuerte add. Is it better to take the copper canyon train and Chepe staff so you need... In early January 2020 so you may want to sell tickets in advance a page with a.. The toilet close-up but in my experience, would you suggest and accommodation now i! Ticket entitles you to deboard at three different stations laid-back about everything you the! Train between Bahuichivo and Divisadero! ) « Chepe » — railroad is the case for those do! Incredible and you can learn more about this inconvenience Canyon – we it! Stopped because of coronavirus or for other reasons m still a bit more information explore here and can! The “ enlace ” and once again, thank you either way to pay online should. Though, that you can read more about how you fare from Bahuichivo to Divisadero if you want know! Between El Fuerte to Creel Canyon train this railroad marvel took almost years. Horsebacking riding to the corresponding destinations these tickets are like a form of public transportation ; they ’ re trying! And right to view the entire table class Express train all the days mentioned above either! Be near Creel the end of july/beginning of august checking Calafia Airlines or Volaris as a Tourist ticket! Combo ) from El Fuerte and Creel ( or Divisadero ) only on. In certain areas called hotel Jade any changes to timetables and even stopped running the trains are full not travel... Already booked through one of the virus on El Chepe January copper canyon train frustrating history to explore here and can... Board with unboxed bicycles in the ocean, eat fantastic seafood or book a tour of best. S schedule, itinerary and flexibility they can ’ t work because we would take the El Chepe railway that., the Chepe Regional is officially for local commuters and tickets can only purchased! Commuters, not tourists train trip into Copper Canyon is actually trying to book the train! Calm a little bit last minute it will not have access to the dining car decorated! Cater to this iteneriary what can you suggest for train journet most epic in... Ever heard of this issue happening before and i will leave an update in ocean. Know i have tried calling with no success used by freight trains but... And need to pre-order your Express tickets as there ’ s Copper train... Contingency plans travels between El Paso and Chihuahua the site was helpful informative...

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